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Chairman’s Message 


We are thrilled to present our 2022 Annual Review, “A Year of Aspiration and Giving Together.” In a time marked by economic and social uncertainties, business closures, and family-related challenges, we have emerged more resilient and dedicated than ever to making a profound impact on our community through our programs that alleviate family stress and provide educational support to our beneficiaries.


With the unwavering support of the Lee Kum Kee Family, our NGO partners, and team members, we are committed to identifying and addressing gaps in development and social progress in our ever-evolving society, empowering families to flourish.


Embracing a New Era - Board Expansion

Since last April, we have expanded our board, welcoming three esteemed members - Ms. Andrea Lee, Ms. Chaturada Dhanasobhon, and Mrs. Mahnaz Lee. Their diverse expertise in the non-profit sector, marketing, public relations, entrepreneurship, and leadership, coupled with their passion for driving philanthropic impact, has brought invaluable perspectives to our foundation. We are grateful for their contributions in shaping the foundation’s strategic direction and overseeing the review and monitoring of our projects’ impact, ensuring the effectiveness of our mission. The board’s expansion marks a pivotal moment for the foundation’s continuity and legacy, providing clear focus, guidelines, and governance for the next generation.


A Shift in Focus and Strategy

Our board firmly believes that strategic planning is crucial for the foundation to achieve high performance and significant impact. Therefore, our board and team have identified pressing areas where the foundation can extend its support. We recognize that young people in Hong Kong face numerous challenges, from academic pressures and career uncertainties to personal identity and social media influence. These factors can easily lead to anxiety, depression, and other health issues if resilience is not adequately cultivated.


Given the limited attention dedicated to psychosocial support, we believe it is essential to develop an innovative, youth-friendly approach that empowers young people and their parents by enhancing their psychosocial competence through holistic family intervention programs.


Our goals are to collaborate with trustworthy organizations to alleviate the stress of young people, foster positive parenting skills, and encourage stronger parent-child relationships. As we believe that youth hold the key to our future, we aspire to help more families with pre-teens and teenagers navigate the complexities of adolescence, enabling them to realize their dreams and reach their full potential.


As we step into 2023, we remain steadfast in our new direction to improve the well-being, perseverance, and resilience of young people. Together, let us build supportive families and communities in Hong Kong, fostering a brighter future for all.


For and on behalf of the Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation,

Jason Lee, Chairman

  • Mr. Jason Lee

Board of Directors
  • Ms. Andrea Lee

  • Ms. Chaturada Dhanasobhon

  • Mr. Jason Lee

Board Advisor
  • Mrs. Mahnaz Lee

Foundation Team
  • Mr. Bruno Chan, Manager, Family Foundation

  • Ms. Gina Li, Manager, Family Foundation

  • Mr. Kenneth Yeung, Manager Specialist, Family Foundation

  • Ms. Angela Chan, Project Associate, Family Foundation

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