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Vision & Mission

Our vision:
"To build harmonious and healthy relationships in families and society."

Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation 


The Lee Kum Kee family principle puts family above business. The family spirit has become the Lee Kum Kee family treasure and the common belief of family members which galvanizes all and provides the behavioural guide for future generations.  Through enhancement over generations, the family spirit will be the foundation and safeguard of the sustainability of the family.

“I hope such family spirit can also be the reference and inspiration for other families and the community at large, and that the related principles and regulations can facilitate the development of other families, and consequently drive the progress and harmony of the society towards sustainable development.


With the change of times, what is it that enables family inheritance to survive through the erosion of the ages?  It is only the good that we contribute to society and the spirit that can stand the test of time which enables the meaning of life to last forever.  With such spirit sparkles in life, it glitters in the forms of thoughts, ideals, beliefs, values, attitudes, truth, goodness, beauty, filial piety, wisdom, blessings and love.  When life ends, it continues in the forms of words, principles and sanctity.  The spirit itself is the vitality of life; it ingeniously ripens in the course of life and eternally radiates in the evolution of human inheritance.” 

~ Mr. Lee Man Tat, SBS (1930-2021)


Lee Kum Kee Family set up the Lee Kum Kee Family's Foundation in 2008.  The core purpose is to drive philanthropic impact for a brighter future and create ways for the family to express philanthropy together through a single vision, multi-mission model.  With the current missions to Promote happy family relationships and Empower youth to build their future through improving their mental wellness and psychosocial competence, the Foundation advocates the healthy family concept of "Prevention before Sickness" and trusts awareness building and preventive actions before family sickness help create a harmonious community, enabling healthy families to unlock their potentials and give back to the community. We have launched the “Loving Family Learning Platform” in 2014. Public can learn how to better communicate with their family members and enhance family cohesion by watching short films on the platform and participating in our sponsored family programs which focus on Family Wellbeing, Child wellbeing, Happy & Healthy Ageing and Family for SDGs respectively.      

In 2022, we shifted our focus area to strengthen adolescents' capacity and psychosocial competence to regulate their emotions and improve mental wellness. Recently a lot of research shows that young people face increasing levels of stress from dealing with changes associated with adolescence, to academic pressures and growing use of social media and other technologies, some even struggle with financial difficulties and all these can lead to anxiety, depression, and other health issues.

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