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Partnership Opportunities

Funding Procedure 

Step 1. Submit Concept Note 


Organizations interested in applying for the grant should read through the 2023-2025 Strategy or Intergeneration Model before submitting a concept note of up to two pages in English by email and it should include the following:


  1. Program background (Why, Theory of Change)

  2. Goals/Objectives (What)

  3. Target audiences (Who)

  4. Estimated Budget Amount



Step 2. Grant Application


We will respond to the application concept note within 14 working days with our comments.  Should it be applicable, we will request a detailed proposal in English with the following details. Meanwhile, the potential partner organization will need to fill out an Organization Information Google Form for our internal record.


  1. Program background (Why, Theory of Change)

  2. Goals/Objectives

  3. Period of project and expected scale (When)

  4. Target audiences (Who)

  5. Program contents (What, How)

  6. Expected output

  7. Outcome/Deliverables (How to measure)

  8. Sustainability

  9. Estimated budget

  10. Table of Summary (in term of logic model)

Step 3. Vetting by Foundation Office


The Foundation office will review the proposal and the result is subjected to the decision of the board of governance. The board will assess the applications according to the following criteria.

  1. The relevance of the project theme

  2. Four key areas of effectiveness, social benefits and sustainability

  3. Project feasibility

  4. Experience and track record of the organization

We will inform applicants the results within 3 months.


Step 4. Project Implementation


After we approve the proposal, the partner organization will need to submit the following items to us.



  1. Agreement
    We will prepare two sets of agreement and post to our partner. After signing the agreement, our partner should return one signed agreement to our office for record. 

  2. Reporting
    We will arrange on-site visit and meeting during the implementation period. Our partner should submit both mid-term and final reports and the suggested format will be provided. 

  3. Payment
    Our partner should provide bank information for online payment after signing the agreement. A receipt in a form approved by our office should be issued as soon as possible after receiving payment. 

    We will split payment into multiple instalments subject to evaluation and the duration of the project.

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