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Our Moments

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Use of love languages help improve family harmony (May, 2024)

In our project partnership with the Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong, a survey on the effects of "Five Love Languages" towards "Parent-Child Communication, Parent-Child Relationship and Family Harmony" has been conducted from November 2023 to February 2024 and had interviewed 504 members of the BGCA through questionnaires. The survey reveals that parents and children who frequently use the language of love while reducing the use of violent language, helps reduce parent-child conflicts, and improve parent-child relationship and family harmony.


Hongkongers' Happiness Falls to 3-Year Low Survey (Jun, 2023)

Together with Wofoo Social Enterprises "HK. WeCare", we entrusted Tung Wah College school of nursing to conduct the first family happiness survey after society had “returned to normal” from various epidemic policy measures. The finding shows that the Family Happiness Index dropped to a record low of 6.57 in the last three years despite society's "returning to normal".


"My Grand Buddies" Project Research Conference (Feb, 2023)

The conference was successfully held at Hong Kong Baptist University on 23 February 2023. We not only invited the project officer to share the frontline experiences and reflections, but also had a participant to share her learning on the difference in the relationship between her grandson and herself after joining the project.


It also attracted 50 social workers/ students to join and provided many inspiring insights and comments to the project research team.


Youth in Trans-Generational Families Knowledge Exchange Platform (Nov, 2022)

We are pleased to attend the "Youth in Trans-Generational Families Knowledge Exchange Platform"  organized by Asian Academy of Family Therapy on 19 November.  It attracted over 190 professionals from different fields. Dr. Lee Wai Yung shared a few real cases which illustrated how family relationship shapes the personality development of youth and children and how emotional and behavioral patterns are transmitted from one generation to another.


Wofoo Networking Gathering cum Forum 2022 (Nov, 2022)

We were glad to join this forum with the topic: Social prescribing - Rebuilding Community Links held by Wofoo Social Enterprises on 18 November. It was a fruitful journey to learn from different guest speakers on how to reconnect the relationship between the community and youths in Hong Kong to prevent the next pandemic.


Family Impact Symposium (Jul, 2022)

It was our pleasure to join and share in the Family Impact Symposium held by SVhk on July 13th. It was a great opportunity for us to exchange and brainstorm innovative ideas on how to establish a better Hong Kong in the philanthropic industry with different government body, family foundations and businesses.


Graduation Carnival and Green Living Fun Day (Jul, 2022)

Together with A Plastic Ocean Foundation, we invited 54 fellows and 60 grassroots families to join this event at Cube O Discovery Bay. This graduation carnival was to recognize some fellows who had participated in this project for a year and created some quality time for family members during the pandemic.


The Multi-Generation Co-parenting Practice Research Result Announcement cum Professional Training (May, 2022)

This flagship event was held successfully on May 26 and attracted 119 social workers, 86 participants from education industry and 9 participants from other family foundation.

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Family We-time at home Challenge 2022 (May, 2022)

Together with Family Council of HKSAR governement, we support Consortium of Institutes on Family in the Asian Region (CIFA) for the "Family We-time at home challenge". It is aimed to promote and create more family we-time at home through family photography, coloring and drawing competitions, in commemoration of the International Day of Families on May 15th.

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Family Happiness Index 2022 (May, 2022)

Family Happiness Index 2022's score dropped from 7.26 in 2021 to 6.98 this year due to the financial difficulties and mental pressure caused by the 5th wave pandemic. The associate vice president of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, professor Daniel T.L. Shek pointed out that one in five households in Hong Kong is unhappy. He also mentioned that the "Five love languages" approach is an effective way to enhance the Family Happiness Index, such as praising or giving a hug to the family members etc. Besides "Five love languages", professor Daniel Shek also encourages people to share their difficulties with family members and to overcome the challenges together. 


Never Quit on Daddy Press Conference (Jun, 2021)

A survey report on the stress of fathers and its causes in Hong Kong by the JCI City and the Foundation was released near Father’s day on June 19, 2021. It found that 35% of local fathers were highly emotional and 10% of the interviewees needed professional intervention.


Loving Family Singing Contest (Jun, 2021)

The Foundation was invited to have an interview about the singing contest event in RTHK on June 22, 2021. One of the winning teams also shared their initiatives of joining and the tips of strengthening the family bonding.  


Family Happiness Index 2021 (Apr, 2021)

Together with HK.WeCare of Wofoo Social Enterprise and School of Nursing of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, we currently conducted a survey about family happiness index in April 2021. This is the third year we have done the same study in Hong Kong and the score is higher than the previous two-year.  


Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation – Radio Interview (Nov, 2020)

Do you want to learn more about how family foundation promotes the importance of family harmony while facing challenges of a pandemic?

Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation – Radio Interview
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Education Project for
Multi-generation families 
The role of father/husband (Jun, 2020)

As a father/husband, it is hard to avoid dealing with some family issues such as in-laws relationships and behavior management for children. Correct handling methods helps father/husband to create happy family relationships.

In Collaboration with Vessel, family can enjoy a Urban Farm Shiso & Almond Sone Workshop, including the knowledge of farming  and cooking with fresh ingredients.

Symposium on Family Wellbeing in a Changing Society sponsored by Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation was held at Hong Kong Conventional and Exhibition Centre on May 17th, 2019. This one day symposium features keynote speeches and empirical studies by 31 local and international speakers. Attended by more than 600 participants, provided not only a platform to explore family wellbeing in local and global context, but also an opportunity to share experience and collaborations.

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