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Family+ - Improvements in Family Wellbeing of Adolescents and Their Parents in Primary School
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A study found that children’s eating, sleeping, exercising, and electronic device usage habits have all been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, parents in Hong Kong, therefore, are facing various challenges and difficulties. As schools reopen, many children are struggling to return to classroom learning and expressing reluctance to attend school. Children with higher levels of parental stress showed higher rates of temper tantrums and being blamed by their parents for it.


In light of it, we use attachment theory as a form of intervention. According to attachment theory, individuals with secure attachments have higher self–efficacy as well as consider themselves worthy of safety/security when under stress. In addition, early relationships formed with caregivers have tremendous long-term impacts on development/mental health. Therefore, we believe early building/rebuilding of secure attachments is key to improving family dynamics while reducing mental health issues brought up by COVID-19.


Our program aims to reconnect children and parents by rebuilding secure attachments through offering support groups & programs at home & school settings, providing positive experiences that increase both family happiness & linkage back to school while connecting stressed parents in order to encourage each other on how best to care for their children during these special three challenging years they've faced with COVID-19 related circumstances that have exacerbated existing parenting challenges.


For students

  • Parent-Child positive experiences program

  • Parent-Child counseling


For parents

  • Parenting Education Talk

  • Parent-Child positive experiences program

  • Parents’ self-development group

  • Parent-Child counseling

  • Family photo shooting

  • Parent-child activities


For families

  • Family photo shooting

  • Parent-child activities


For the community

  • Online platform

Target Audience

  • Primary students

  • Parents of primary five and six students

Scope of Services

  • All districts, Hong Kong

  • Sep 2023 to Dec 2025


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