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The Hong Kong Intergenerational Baseball League
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We collaborate with Empathy for the Elderly for a two-year "The Hong Kong Intergenerational Baseball League" project. Together with the partners, we hope to encourage youths and 50+elderly to appreciate learning from each other through 20 baseball boot camps and work together to pursue their dreams through a long period of spring training and the final baseball competition.


  • 10 Sessions of Elderly Boot Camp

  • 10 Sessions of Youth Intergenerational Boot Camp

  • Total 200 hours Intergenerational Spring Training

  • 2 Competition 

Target Audience

  • 5 University Students/Young Adult Baseball Enthusiasts

  • 330 Late Primary and Secondary School Students

  • 360 Golden Age

  • 60 Players’ Family Members

Scope of Services

  • All districts, Hong Kong

  • Mar 2022 to Apr 2024

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