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 Loving Family scriptwriting competition
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The Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation organizes Loving Family scriptwriting competition to promote happy family relationships.
The public are invited to submit short film screenplays based on the theme of “Spending quality time with family”.
The "Best Screenplay" award-winning work will be made into a short film and shared on social media to promote the family health value, happy family relationships, and social harmony.

Script Template (click here)

Spending Quality Time with Family

Professional Judges

  • Eunice Shek
    A former TVB script supervisor , graduated from the Hong Kong Academy of Arts.
    Her work includes “The Last Step Ascent,” “Karma Rider”,“Swipe Tap Love” ,”Every Step You Take”etc...

  • Jevons Au Man Kit
    Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Film & TV major, and studied film production summer course in University of Southern California, Jevons directed various independent short films, including Rainbow, Taxi and Christmas Present, which won the Open Division Best Film in Fresh Wave Award. His short film My Daughter tells a story about old parents in a new angle and went viral on the internet. He was one of the scriptwriters of popular film Don't Go Breaking My Heart and Romancing In Thin Air. He won Best Director in Hong Kong Film Award with feature film Trivisa. His new release feature film Distinction explores the education for teenagers with different abilities. 

  • Representatives Of The Organisers

  • Mr. David Lee
    Mr Lee is Chairman of Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation which has a mission to promote happy family relationships.

  • Dr. Tik Chi Yuen (S.B.S., B.B.S., J.P.)
    Chief Executive of The Hong Kong Institute of Family Education, Associate Vice President of Gratia Christian College. Dr Tik is a registered social worker and has served the community for more than 20 years. He progressed from being a frontline social worker to becoming head of a social service agency. Established the "Hong Kong Institute of Family Education", which aims through different interactive platform to enhance parents' literacy, promote parent education and culture. He has written four books, namely《望子成龍。家長心事》,《親子點狄》,《CEO家長》and《做個CEO家長》.

  • Entry Requirements 

    1. Participants shall apply as an individual, no group application is allowed.
    2. Length: the duration of the short film should be 3-4 minutes
    3. Language: Chinese (Cantonese)
    4. Submission format: Maximum 3000 words, A4 paper, margins set to Microsoft Word “normal”, single-spaced, 12pt font, black (automatic) font colour
    5. All entries must not involve the usage of names in real life. During the evaluation, all the participants' names will be removed as fair measures.  
    6. Entry title should be “Name of the participant_name of the script”
    7. Entry must not include any foul and sexual content.
    8. The number of words must be stated at the beginning of the script. 


    1. The evaluation contains two levels: the first round and final round. In the first round review, the organising staff will review submissions to ensure they meet all requirements and qualifications. In the final round, a committee of professional producers, directors and organising parties will be invited to evaluate submissions.
    2. If the entry does not meet the requirements, the entry will be disqualified.

  • 1. All submissions must be the original work of the entrant, and cannot have been previously produced, published, presented online in any public forum (including an organisation or personal websites, newspapers, magazines, etc.). The judging committee will settle any related doubts about the format of a given submission. Plagiarism and the submission of a work not written by the participant of the Competition are prohibited. If a submission is found to be plagiarism or to violate copyright, the submission will be disqualified. Also, the party at fault will bear all legal and copyrights responsibility and repercussions. Shall their entries violate any laws, the Organisers will not be held legally responsible.
    2. All entries will not be returned to the competitors, and all competitors shall have their copy of the entry. Corrections, publishment, reprinting and distribution are allowed for non-profit purpose uses by the Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation.
    3. The Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation has the unlimited use of editing, publication, uploading to the internet and film production of any parts of the works for publicity, as well as for non-profit research, exhibitions, educational purposes without additional compensation and charges. 
    4. The Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation reserves the right to change the rules and regulations at will, and will not be responsible for any notification.
    5. The result announced by the adjudication panel shall remain the final result, no objection will be considered. 
    6. If winning entries violate the”copyrights regulations”, competitors shall bear their consequences. If found guilty, the competitor will be disqualified and must return the prizes. 
    7. In the event of any dispute, the Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation reserves the right of final decision based on the term and condition in Chinese version.


    - Each participant can only submit one entry, along with the application form by our Google Form.
    - The 3 “Best Screenplay Award” winning entries will be produced as short films by professional filmmakers.

"Best Screenplay Award" (3)
HK$10,000 cash prize per each
Short film production

"Family Quality Time Award" (1)
HK$3,000 cash prize

"Best Creativity Award" (1)
HK$3,000 cash prize

"Most Heart-Warming Award" (1)
HK$3,000 cash prize

Theme Implication (50%)
Creative (30%)
Expression (20%)

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