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Flight Loneliness
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In the context of an ever-increasing number of elderlies in need of care in Hong Kong, the overburdened public healthcare system combined with an acute shortage of medical and elderly care manpower has seen elderly with chronic diseases experiencing long waiting times at public healthcare facilities across Hong Kong.


Collaborating with Buurtzorg, the pioneer project Fight Loneliness aims to engage 50 targeted elderlies to use the ElderlyPlus devices which is a managed and customized, one-touch video calling device that helps to improve a patient’s overall health status and wellbeing as a care intervention for elderly suffering from loneliness and isolation.  Each elderly will participate in a baseline assessment, a post-test after the intervention and two follow-up tests.


  • 50 ElderPlus Device with technical support

  • 4 comprehensive assessment  for each beneficiaries

Target Audience

  • 50 Target recipients selected by the Buurtzorg nurse team

Scope of Services

  • All district, Hong Kong 

  • Jan 2022 to Mar 2023

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