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Youth Transformer 
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Research found that the mental health of students in the transition period from primary to secondary is poor and worth attention. Stress mainly relates to academic and social relationship. 

This project aims at raising their ability to handle stress in the transition from primary six to secondary one by enhancing their self-competence, cognitive competence, emotional competence and motivational competence.  Interview talks, individual interview practices and self-understanding workshops will be offered.  Learning coaches will be recruited and trained to teach students study strategy and enhance their motivation in groups. 


Transforming Class to learn new subjects with field trip and relaxation activities will be arranged in summer.  Reunion day camps with Secondary School Life Simulation activities will be offered in the first few months of secondary one to encourage formulation of goals. 


Besides, parents’ understanding of children’s need will be enhanced and parental support will be strengthened through graduation family photo shooting, parent’s talks and family activities.  5 Videos on topics of interview skills, study skills, stress management, proactive problem solving, and parental support will be produced, and sharing seminar will be held for sharing of resources and experience, in order to let the relevant professionals and the general public also pay attention to and know more about assisting and dealing with the pressure of primary six students facing the transition to secondary school.


For students

  • Interview talk

  • Individual interview practices

  • Self-understanding workshops

  • Study strategy groups by learning coaches (teaching and practicing effective learning strategies)

  • Summer Transforming Class (learning strategy as well as having field trip activities to arouse interest for new subjects)

  • Reunion day camps

For parents

  • Family interview rehearsal

  • Parents Talk (understanding students’ developmental needs and adjustment of parenting)

For families

  • Family graduation photo shooting

  • Parent child activities (enhancing mutual understanding & communication)

For the community

  • Learning coaches training (contents include understanding needs of students in transition, various effective study strategies, communication and motivation skills)

  • Closing ceremony and Sharing seminar


Target Audience

  • Primary six students                              

  • Parents of primary six students   

  • Public             

Scope of Services

  • All districts, Hong Kong

  • Feb 2023 to Sep 2025


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