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Happy Grandparent-child Yoga Class
Happy Grandparent-child Yoga Class.jpg

The number of senior citizens in Hong Kong living under the poverty line are growing at an alarming rate and had very limited healthcare and wellbeing options. Many social care organizations have expressed the need for more support for the elderly populations in Hong Kong.


Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation has sponsored the HUB Hong Kong for conducting grandparent-child yoga class with utilising music therapy and artistic expression to learn about relaxation, mindfulness, meditation and other decompression methods. Also, establishing better relationships between grandparents and grandchildren through different interactions in the class.

  • Family Yoga Class (include singing and music therapy, breathing techniques and adaptable yoga postures)

  • Grandparents

  • Children

  • Parents

  • All districts, Hong Kong 

  • May 2017 to Jun 2018

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