Trans-generational Family Project
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This project recruits professionals from multi-disciplinary backgrounds who can work with trnas-generational families. This project also provides counseling, professional training to promote family health and education to solve the problem, promotes family relationships in trans-generational families and brings awareness of the importance of maximizing the potential and strength of each generation in the trans-generational network.

If you are interested to join our research
Please contact Asian Academy of Family Therapy :2859 5300
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  • Case Service, the case with issues involving trans-generational family dynamics. They are encouraged to in order for the linkage to be assessed between generations.

  • Study and Research, analyze on the relationship pattern and dynamics in Chinese multi-generation families.

  • Professional Training, consolidate the training and practice to a new theory code of practice for professionals from different backgrounds who can work with trans-generational families.

  • Multi-generation families, members all living under the same roof is in priority

  • Professional who can work with trans-generational families.

Scope of Service

  • All districts, Hong Kong 

  • Jan 2021 to Dec 2023