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"LOVE: Pass It On" Project
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 Inheritance of family values is significant to a family. However, modern families have lost awareness of transmitting family values to the next generation due to the rapid change in our society. Also, stressful working environment makes family relationships vulnerable.

Given this, Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation funded “LOVE: Pass It On” Project by Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association, to help grassroots and multi-generational families. Through providing a series of activities, this program helps enhance family relationships and multi-generational communication, consolidating traditional family core values and promote inter-generational values transmission.

Evaluation Report

“Love: Pass it On” Ceremony


  • Treasure Hunt of Family Values: Family Groups

  • Experiential Learning Activities

  • “1+1” Treasure Hunt of Family Values

  • Delivering love in Communities: Community Services

  • Reaching out: Community Educational Program

  • “LOVE : Pass It On ” Appreciation Ceremony

Target Audience

  • Families in Central & Western District and Kwai Tsing District

  • priority to multi-generational families

Scope of Services

  • Central & Western District and Kwai Tsing District

  • May 2016 to April 2017

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