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Multi-Generation Family Education and Support Project (Phase IV)
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The “Multi-Generation Family (MGF) Education and Support Project” has been implemented for eight years and has successfully assisted multi-generational families to establish positive harmonious relationships and arouse the community’s awareness.


We will continuously support the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society to implement the 4th phase of this project. In 4th phase, we will continuously provide community education programs and training programs for multi-generation family members. To meet the needs of grandparents, workshops focused on caregiving skills for grandchildren would be provided aiming to support grandparents and alleviate their stress. 


In addition, the 4th phase will also focus on promoting "Grandparents' Day". We will actively promote the core message of appreciating grandparents in kindergartens and social welfare units and organize a series of activities related to grandparents. The goal is to encourage family members to reflect on the importance of grandparents, also acknowledge the grandparents' support and contribution in caregiving is truly invaluable.


  • 3 Practitioner Trainings

  • 705 sessions of Direct Services

  • 256 Community Education activities

Target Audience

  • Intergenerational family members

  • Practitioners

  • General Public

Scope of Services

  • All district, Hong Kong

  • Mar 2024 to Dec 2026


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