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Education and Support Project for Multi-generation families III

The “Education Project for Multi-generation families” (MGF) project has been implemented for five years and has successfully assisted multi-generational families to
establish positive harmonious relationships and arouse the community’s awareness.

We will continuously support the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society to implement the 3rd phase of this project. The 3rd phase will provide more comprehensive service to multi-generation families through community education programs and various platforms with MGF Education Resources Kit to deepen and promote harmonious intergenerational relationship.

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  • 82 Training workshops for multi-generational families

  • 4 Community education programs

  • 2000 Education Resource Kits

  • 12 Train-the-trainer Program

  • 1 Seminar cum press conference

Target Audience

  • Intergenerational families

Scope of Services

  • All districts, Hong Kong 

  • Dec 2021 to Nov 2023

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