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Transformative and Resilient Youth (TRY) Gym: A School-based Co-creative Mental Health Training Programme
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Adolescence is often considered a challenging life stage. They often face issues related to developmental changes, academic pressure, and relationships with family and peers, which increase their vulnerability to mental health problems. In recent decades, an increasing number of adolescent prevention programmes have been moving from a deficit model, which considers their issues to be solved, to emphasising, identifying and utilising their strengths to improve mental well-being. However, most of the existing prevention programmes are generally top-down, which results in low engagement with mental health services or educational programmes. This TRY Gym, a transformative (T), resilient-promoting (R), and youth-driven (Y) prevention programme, is mainly designed to close the existing service gap and transform some of the aforementioned barriers into opportunities. Such a Gym-like programme will be introduced in a supportive and stigma-free environment for improving knowledge on mental health, normalising how to share, deal and comfort emotional injuries and distresses, building resilience and imagination with other members of the Gym, co-create events to promote mental wellness and ultimately co-create a better and more positive mental health environment for our future generations. The programme will target emotional, cognitive, behavioural and social competence, personal resilience, self-efficacy and bonding to enable young people to identify their strengths and facilitate them to grow, learn and transform.


​School-based co-creative Mental Health Training Programme

TRY Gym Training Workshop

Events, small groups or workshops will be organised by the TRY Gym groups

Four Mental Health Promotion Teams will be established

Youth Mental Health Promotion Hackathon 

Target Audience

  • Form4- Form 5 students(TRY Gym trainees)

  • Form1 - Form 3 students (Other youth participants)

  • Citizens/ Residents in the community

Scope of Services

  • All districts, Hong Kong

  • September 2023- February 2026


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