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Loving Family School Project-Family Seeds Fund
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In order to promote the mutual attention and linkage of family members, as well as the participation and promotion of different sectors, the Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation has set up a "Loving Family School Project--Family Seeds Fund". Hoping that schools can use the grant, resources and materials on loving family learning platforms, design and implement projects and activities in the school to promote happy family relationships.

Students are expected to participate in learning activities, to understand the family values ​​and to build good family relationships with their families.

Details of Family Seeds Fund (Click here to download)

Suggested contents of the questionnaire (For studentFor students' family)

  • Through projects and activities to let participants (students and their families) :

  • Learning family values ​​through the project and its activities.

  • Building family relationships .

  • Sharing experiences and gains in improving family relationships

  • Any kindergarten, primary or secondary school registered in Hong Kong

  • HK$30,000 (as the ceiling amount)


  • Phase I: Sep 2019 to Jun 2020

  • Phase II: Sep 2020 to Jun 2021

  • Phase III: Sep 2021 to Jun 2022

  • The result will be announced

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