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「+ Channel」 Harmonious Parent-Teens Communication Project


This 3-year project is sponsored by the Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation to provide comprehensive and diversified support services to families who are interested in improving, or are currently facing difficulties in parent-child communication. The project also promotes healthy parent-child communication patterns and skills to enhance harmonious family relationships. We advocated the belief that "good communication brings family harmony".


  1. Strengthen the understanding of culture and values between parents and teenage children to promote effective and respectful communication patterns.​

  2. Help parents reflect on their parenting styles, overcome communication barriers, and strengthen emotional connections between parents and teenage children.

  3. Foster the emotional regulation ability of parents and teenage children.

  4. Enrich the positive communication vocabulary of parents and teenage children and build harmonious parent-child communication skills.

  5. Promote the belief of "good communication brings family harmony" to enhance family health and cohesion.


  • Provide multi-sensory individual therapy or group therapy for families with severe parent-child communication difficulties.

  • Provide multi-sensory and experiential groups, community activities, and workshops for families interested in promoting and enhancing their parent-child communication skills.

  • Promote the belief of "good communication brings family harmony" through multimedia platforms, websites, and community events.

  • Promote the "multi-sensory healthy parent-child communication model" through professional training and practical experience sharing.

  • Support other service units/centres to establish "Family Channel" sub-stations to implement healthy parent-child communication model.

Target Audience

  • Families with children aged 8-18 years who are motivated to enhance parent-teen relationship

  • General public and professionals with interest to know more about parent-teen communication relationship themes and working models。

Scope of Services

  • All districts, Hong Kong 

  • Sep 2023 to Jul 2026 


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