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My Grand Buddies Project
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Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation is collaborating with Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong for a one-year and eight-month project, “My Grand Buddies Project: Peer support for Social Capital (Phase I)”. The project aims to through different activities, so that grandparents can become "Grand Buddies" and connect other grandparents in the community to play a peer support role. In addition, grandchildren and grandparents will become "Grand Partners" and participate in different volunteer services, so as to expand their social network and use their abilities and potential as social capital to serve the community.

With the research support from Hong Kong Baptist University, we can assess and examine grandparents' community function as social capital. We can also assess what kind of intervention is more effective.


  • Grand Buddies Moment

  • My Grand partner:intergenerational volunteer training

  • Three Generation family Fun Day

  • Grand Partner volunteer service
    and performance

  • Press Conference

Target Audience

  • Grandparents

  • Grandchildren

Scope of Services

  • Sha Tin & Ma On Shan District 

  • Aug 2021 to Jan 2023

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