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Our People

Chairman’s Message 


The Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation has held steadfast in our work on Promoting Happy Family Relationships as well as to explore new areas where families can build relationships through generations, while understanding the world’s looming environmental issues. We believe that generations of all families can nurture positive attitudes in life that can make the world a better place. Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation will continue to improve ways to inform and invite partners and individuals to collaborate and participate towards an important cause.


We believe that this iterative approach with support of carefully selected partnerships can assist in identifying key areas for impacts in an increasingly complex world.


The 2021-2023 roadmap will continue with our pledge to grow steadily & expand on its mission through:

  • Authentic Trust 

  • Transparency

  • Common Values & Priorities

  • Continuity over generations


With your gracious support and contributions, we will continue to work on the following:



By revamping parts of our online presence as well as further optimizing our grant making processes, our partners can propose creative ways to connect the dots to our unique core mission in an evidence driven manner. This also means that we are able to connect new partnerships and delve into new areas, for which happy family relationships could enhance other efforts, and vice versa. We aim to unlock more collaborative potentials together with partners to promote healthy and happy families whilst making positive changes in the world.


Together as Family

Our Family wishes to grow, embracing diversity of thought, as well as growing that which nurtures togetherness. It is the core purpose of the Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation to not only drive philanthropic impact for a brighter future, but also to create ways the Family can express philanthropy, together through a single vision, multi-mission model. The Foundation intends to optimize information flows and endeavour to seek relevant grassroots social impact projects. 


Spreading Wisdom of Prevention 

It is the Family’s wish to inspire preventative knowledge and actions:

  1. To avert danger or “sickness”

  2. To avoid from worsening

Making a Better World With Each Generation

It is our wish that where the Family chooses to take philanthropic action, that it will be done with an intent and view to benefit humanity for the long term, and follow through the generations where the Family believes is needed.


With your support and valuable collaboration, I believe we can shape a positive and bright future.  Looking at 1000 years in the past and future, happy family relationships will always be an integral part of a constructive society.


Stay happy and healthy.


For and on behalf of the Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation,


Jason Lee


  • Mr. Jason Lee

Board of Directors
  • Ms. Andrea Lee

  • Mr. Jason Lee

  • Ms. Chaturada Dhanasobhon

Board Advisor
  • Mrs. Mahnaz Lee

Foundation Team
  • Mr. Bruno Chan, Manager, Family Foundation

  • Ms. Gina Li, Manager, Family Foundation

  • Mr. Kenneth Yeung, Manager, Family Foundation

  • Mr. Anson Ng, Project Associate

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